Many of the people now would believe that having sex is not about having a feeling with that person as you just wanted to share some romantic pleasure with others and you just want to make yourself satisfied with your personal agenda. It could be very hard sometimes to find a person like this that won’t involve their personal feelings with you and they will try to give you the needs that you want without being romantically attached to you and with emotions and feelings for you as well. Some people would use a Mr. Stud Love Doll to give themselves some pleasure but this one is going to work for those people who are finding a quickie type of sexual intercourse but not for those people who are in love or thinking about other stuff which is more than what they can give to you.  

It is very hard to force your emotion not to fall in love to a person that is very nice to you and he or she treats you like his partner in life but there are some people who are very good at showing this one but they don’t want to be attached and that is what we called no string attached. We can find these people on social dating sites and apps where they are looking for fun and pleasure only and nothing serious is going to happen and that could be because of their personal experience with others who left them or they are afraid of falling in love again and after a couple of days and weeks you would find each other weird and not  compatible anymore. It could be very difficult for others to make love to someone who they don’t love and there is a chance that you are not that attracted to him or her.  

In order for you not to be a victim of this, then you need to learn some techniques where you can find yourself into it and try to put too much feelings and emotions to what you are doing.  

Remember that it is totally different to fall in love with someone and to have a sec only since you need to undergo different kinds of thinking but it is very obvious that after you have some fun, you can realize if you want to be with this person or not. Loving someone is totally different from it like you are seeing yourself with this person as the man or woman of your life.  

There are some questions that you can be the only one to answer it like what you really need and what are you looking for in the different apps. You need to talk to that person the boundaries of doing it and the limitations as you don’t want him or her to expect something more and you need to clarify things between the two of you. If you are not feeling good anymore, then you need to let go of it or else you will be falling in love to a wrong person.