Whether you’re buying for your spouse or an acquaintance in another city, determining how to commemorate a loved one’s birthday can be difficult. Flowers may add a special touch to any occasion, especially if they are sent to the recipient’s office. But what is the proper etiquette for presenting flowers as a surprise gift for a birthday, and how can you prevent sending the wrong message? We’ve covered many of the most important aspects of floral birthday gifts, as well as what you should and shouldn’t do when sending a bouquet, in the sections below. 

If You’re Giving Flowers to Your Special Someone  

Flower arrangements or giving bouquet can be a fantastic method to astonish your loved one if you are married or engaged. A pink or red roses bouquet is a classic representation of love that can be sent to your significant other’s desk at any time of year, and it can be a particular threat when it arrives at their desk unexpectedly. But, if bouquets are your only gift, you may come across as unimaginative or lazy. Give roses to your special someone at work and stun them with another gift when they get home, regardless if it’s a jewelry piece, a luxurious night out on the town, or that crystal wine glass set they’ve been watching out for a long time.  

If You’re Giving Flowers to A Dear Friend  

Sending flowers to a friend’s birthday is totally okay, even if they have different gender. It is, nonetheless, critical to analyze your message. Sending your wife bunch of red roses on her special day is a considerate and romantic gesture. It’s possible that sending the same present to your college roommate on his birthday will come across as inappropriate. Choose yellow or gold flowers, which represent friendship, for a more symbolically neutral arrangement.  

Tips in Giving Flowers as a Birthday Gift to someone far away  

If you’re purchasing for a colleague or family member living on the other parts of the world, flowers are an amazing birthday gift. Shopping for distant friends is easier than it used to be because you can order almost anything online and get it sent to the address of your choice. Even so, delivering a bouquet to a friend’s business is more personal and meaningful than sending a gift card or an Amazon shipment to their home.  


Choosing the right flower hue for your loved one’s birthday will add to the thoughtfulness of the gift. Considering the recipient’s favorite color is an easy approach to finding the ideal flower.  

Another option is to think about the meaning of flower colors and choose one that best conveys your emotions. Here are some flower color ideas to consider for a birthday gift:  

  • Pink flowers are associated with joy and grace.  
  • Passion, strength, and love are all represented by red flowers.  
  • Yellow flowers are associated with friendship, love, and happiness.  
  • Orange flowers are associated with happiness and warmth.  
  • Green plants and flowers are symbolic of youth, good fortune, and health.  
  • Purple flowers are symbolic of achievement and pride.