A lot of vehicle owners file windshield replacement and repair claims annually. And the most typical reason why your windshield becomes damage is due to rock chips. In this article, we will be discussing the definition, reasons, and prevention of windshield rock chips. Keep on reading to be vigilant and informed regarding your windshield protection. 

Windshield rock chip 

Have you ever experienced a time when a flying rock unexpectedly hits your auto windshield as you drove down a road, resulting in a crack? If so, such crack is recognized as a rock chip. The stones that formed windshield cracks are commonly small and result in unfixable damage. However, when you leave it untreated for a while, these cracks will eventually spread.  

How can they be hazardous? 

It’s undeniable that rock chips are frustrating. But not only that, but it can risk your safety as well. When you let the rock chip to develop into bigger cracks, it can be harmful and too late to repair. Below are the 3 main risks you can experience when you leave it unrepaired: 

  • The cracks on a glass tend to reflect light, which can potentially be the cause of why drivers get distracted. Or worse, you can obtain a ticket for driving with chipped auto glass.  
  • A cracked windshield can be the reason why your roof will cave in during an accident, which increases severe fatality or injury. 
  • It can result in road accidents by negatively affecting your vehicle’s integrity. 

Tips to treat or avert a crack in the windshield  

1. Make sure the chip is always dry 

If your windshield cracks aren’t properly taken care of, they tend to spread out even more. Moisture, debris, or dirt can harm the windshield rock chip even more. Aside from that, too much exposure to sunlight is also hazardous to cracked windshields since it expands the glass that results in more abrasion.   

2. Act immediately 

Rock chips result in fast treatment. Once your auto glass has an extreme crack, it would be best to have it consulted with one of your local auto glass professionals. Early consultation will aid to treat the rock chip more effectively and can guarantee the operational safety of your vehicle.  

3. Drive carefully 

As cliché as it may sound, prevention is always the best cure. To be vigilant as you drive aids a lot in stopping rock chips. Consider the reasons that resulted in rock chips, such as airborne rocks, road debris, and inclement weather. Apart from that, refuse to tailgate, steer your car near to a truck that pulls gravel off the road, or driving in windy and foggy weather.  

4. Ask for the expert’s help 

If all else fails and you’re still unsure of the causes and the ways to minimize the possibility of damaging your auto glass and windshield, do not hesitate to ask for the expert’s advice and let them fix your damaged windshield to guarantee quality services from them.